Copy – Back Up Your Memories! 11-13-2013

For those of you that don’t care to read this blog post, shame on you. It’s a good one! But maybe you’re just in a hurry. In that case, the short of this post is to go check out this sweet service called “Copy”. You get 20 gb of free cloud storage for life through this link - CLICK HERE! :)
It’s a great way to back up your photos :)


I’m not the first to say it, but we are living currently in the most documented time in history.
According to about 55 million photos are uploaded…daily.


Take a second and think about all of the memories you currently have on your phone right now.
How “safe” are these memories really?

A few years ago I worked at a computer store that sells apples…(ha-ha….ha?)
Anyway, this guy came in with his iPhone. He was clearly distraught.
You see, he was a new dad. His 6 month old had been a life changer for he and his wife. And they’d captured every single memory with their boy on this camera. His iPhone was literally the only device that had any photos or videos of his son as a new born.
And. He. Lost. Every. Photo.

The phone was replaced under warranty. In fact he got a brand new one.
But, he didn’t get a single photo back. You can’t cover that with warranty.
And for the first time working at the store, I saw a grown man reduced to tears in front of 100 people.

It used to be that every photo we took ended up on paper. We’d have a junk drawer full of printed photos. And they were pretty safe aside from a freak accident.
It’s just not the case anymore.

I wish I had been able to tell him about backing up his photos before it happened.
And when I told him about how to back them up after…he very reluctantly took my advice. Because at least there was a solution to prevent it from happening again.

And so, when I tell you about this awesome service called Copy that gives you 20 gb of free cloud storage space, think of it more as a way to back up your memories.

Because that’s what I use it for. Every single photo I take on my phone ends up there.
Just in case.

If you’re interested, here’s how to register with Copy and set it up both on your computer and your phone.

First, you have to register. If you use this link, you’ll get 20 gb free instead of just 15 gb.

After you’ve registered, download the app “Copy” to your phone. It’s available on iOS and on Android (and a few other mobile devices). Just do a search in your App Store.


The next steps are kind of up to your own discretion.
1 – You can download Copy to your computer. I highly recommend this. Do that here -

2 – You should download your photos to your computer. For two reasons! First, so that you have immediate access to them on your computer if you need them. Second so that you can quickly upload these photos to your copy folder!
For a “how to” download iPhone photos to your computer click here -
For a “how to” download Android photos to your computer click here -

3 – Now upload your photos to Copy!
To upload photos from your computer simply log in to and start uploading!
To upload photos from your mobile device, open the Copy App on your phone and click the little plus button. The rest is self explanatory. (this method is tedious, which is why I recommend using your computer)

4 – Rest easy.
You’re in good hands now.
The best part? You can remove photos from your phone after they’ve been backed up. Be honest, you fill that phone up with lot’s of stuff all the time!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll be glad to help! And please share this with your friends. It’s so important to back up our memories!

High Five Threads 07-24-2013

Had a really great time working with High Five Threads a couple weeks ago.
I’ve known Lance and Byron at HFT for a long time now and it’s been really great seeing these guys share their passion for all things Michigan.

It was a real honor to have Ryan Klaver from Sprout Stories shooting some behind the scenes footage for us. I’ve been excited to share his video with you! You can see his post of the shoot over at his blog -

Be sure to check out High Five Threads online or at their shop in Traverse City and grab some sweet Michigan shirts!